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Musicians who have tolerated my bones rattlin'—

Saint Louis Area Musicians
Barb Weathers (old-time: fiddle, guitar)
"It's great that you're so into what you're doing with the bones. Go for it. Hope you do well in the competition!"

William 'Banjo Billy' Mathews (old-time: banjo)

Charles Pool (old-time: fiddle, banjo)
"...he can fit right in with most anything we play and enliven our performances with his percussion effects."

Curtis Buckhannon (old-time: mandolin)

Gale 'Gaslite' Foehner (ragtime: keyboard, vocals)
"Thanks for backing us on the President...Hope we get more good paying jobs."

Joel Eissenberg (old-time: banjo, guitar)
"You are certainly a talented musician. I do hope we have occasion to play together again."

Lindell Blackford (old-time: fiddle)

Marc Rennard (old-time: fiddle, bass)

Megan Greene (old-time: fiddle)

Mike Holdinghaus (old-time & folk-rock: mandolin, fiddle)
"It's a joy for me to play fiddle tunes with Grace as Scott clogs and plays the bones."

Mike Saputo (old-time: guitar)

Nancy Lippincott (old-time & Celtic: vocals, autoharp, Hammered Dulcimer, guitar, banjo, mandolin)

Rich Hibbs (old-time: banjo)

Sandy Weltman (old-time: banjo, harmonica)

Sharon and Doug Foehner (traditional blues: vocals, guitar, slide guitar)

Ted Vasquez (old-time: fiddle)

Tom Hall (old-time: banjo)

Musicians From Far and Away
'Diamond' Jim Greene (traditional Delta blues: slide guitar, vocals) Chicago


Clarke Buehling (old-time, minstrel, ragtime: vocals, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar - Internationally recognized 19th century banjo authority) Arkansas
"You're hired!"
Web: http://www.playprettyproductions.com/skirtlifters.htm

Elaine Peacock (country Gospel: vocals) South Dakota
"I don't know how you can play with the bones and make your feet go too at the same time!"

Web: http://www.countryrose.us

Gordon 'Gord' Hildreth (traditional country & bluegrass: vocals, guitar) Canada

John Cox (country Gospel, bluegrass: vocals, guitar) Nebraska

Johnnie J. Johnston (traditional country & bluegrass: vocals, guitar) Michigan

Kevin Henry (traditional Irish: flute) Irish born Chicagoan

Lee Muller (traditional country & bluegrass: banjo, vocals - Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame honoree) Kansas

Mary Bergin (traditional Irish: tin whistle) Ireland


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