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How-to Videos

RBS Reviews
Virtually every bones how-to video is reviewed on the Rhythm Bones Society Web site.

My Recommendations
Below is a link to a thread on the RBS forum (Yahoo Groups) where some years ago I reviewed and recommended a number of how-to videos.

My current recommendations now appear on the Bones FAQs page at my online bones store under the heading: Which How-To Video is Best for Me?

Bones Fest VII
The two-volume video of Bones Fest VII (recorded at Louisville, Kentucky in 2004) is not a how-to video, but it's a true gem. The video showcases several virtuoso performances, and is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of individual rhythm bones playing-styles in existence today. The video is for educational purposes only and not available at any store. Contact the Rhythm Bones Society to get a copy of the 'Bones Fest VII' video.


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