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Rhythm Bones Makers

The makers listed below are expert players who are dedicated to the world of rhythm bones. Each is a member of the Rhythm Bones Society (RBS). You can't hardly go wrong buying a set of bones from an RBS member. Contact the individual maker for an update of their latest offerings.

Steve Brown (Ox shin and wood bones)
Steve's ox shin bones look and feel like ivory. He is the only American to hold the title of 'All-Ireland Bones Champion' for two consecutive years.
Approx $25/pr.

Jeff Leffert (Unique made-to-order wood bones)
Jeff is an up-and-coming player noted for bones featuring a handy leather wrapped grip.
Approx $18/pr.

Jerry Mescher (Minstrel-style wood bones)
Jerry played bones with his father on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour in 1961. Now he and sister Bernie Worrell perform what is probably the world's only synchronized bones playing act. Jerry still has the ebony bones his father bought from a Sears Catalog in the early 1900's.
Available in several woods. Approx $70/pr.
Order by phone: 712-658-2211

Scott Miller (Natural sun-bleached ox bones)
Prized for their full resonant sound, these musical bones are made from the ribs of cattle that died naturally of old age out on the range. They might be too awkward for beginners, but these fine quality instruments are a must for any serious bone player.
Usually available in conical or flat shape. Approx $40/pr.

Aaron Plunkett (Goat rib bones)
Aaron played bones just like these with the Irish steerage band in the hit film 'Titanic.'
Approx $75/pr.

Sandor Slomovits (Minstrel-style wood bones)
Sandor produces bones once distributed by the late legendary Percy Danforth. These bones are patterned after those used by 'Mister Bones' during the minstrel era. Sandor is learning the bone making biz from master woodcrafter, Ray Schairer who made bones for Percy since 1976.
Available in several woods. Approx $20/pr.

Hans Weehuizen (Bentwood bones)
Hans and his friend Rik Homan steam-bend musical bones in a 'pressure-cooker' at Rik's shipbuilding shop. The shipyard is located at the tip of a small Dutch peninsula that juts into a freshwater lake that was once the Zuider Zee. You can get a set at Bone Dry Music Co. which is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Hans Weehuizen bentwood bones. Approx $25/pr.

You might also check out the Rhythm Bones Society Web page below. It maintains the most comprehensive list of rhythm bones vendors you can find.


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