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Get Boss with Bones
  After 5,000 years, we still love rhythm bones.

It's no secret that people got rich 150 years ago producing shows featuring 'Mr. Bones' rattling away to hot toe-tapping music. Yes, it's been a long century-and-a-half since bones were boss.

But rumor has it that bones are ripe for a new reprise. If true, that would be swell for you and me both.

The Big Question
Can the public's bred-in-the-bone desire for 'clickety-clack' become a global craze again? We can hope so. And why not? After all, crowds of folks savored the peculiar sound way back when—and people still love the sound today. Make no bones about it, that rattling is enchanting. It intrigues people to no end. Indeed, there's hardly a time someone doesn't come up to me after a set and ask loads of questions about "those sticks."

If Everyone Thinks Rhythm Bones are so Great, then Why Aren't Bones all the Rage Today?
Golly gee, you say, maybe it's because almost no one on the planet today has ever heard the rattle of rhythm bones—or even knows what they are. And you are exactly right.

So When Can We Expect the Public Passion for Bones to Get Back in Fashion?
I think the time will come when bones get placed squarely in front of the public eye again. This could happen when a hot virtuoso bones perfomance gets captured on a pop tune, syndicated tv show, or major motion picture. As for old Mr. Bones of days-gone-by, his success was tied to the minstrel show—a bold new entertainment format that struck a chord with working-class Americans. For better or worse, those shows created an international frenzy for bones playing that lasted well over twenty years.

With the right mix of musicians, bones make a tune sound eminently awesome. "A good bones player will lift the whole band up," says national award-winning banjo champion Carl Anderton, adding "when bonesy's on, the whole band tightens up." But as a solo instrument, bones are nothing. That's why I need you. Yes, rhythm bones can lift a tune like no other instrument can. And that's why you need me. Maybe that next big bones craze will include the both of us.

Will History Repeat Itself?
Is this a golden opportunity for you and me and the entertainment industry? I don't know. But the potential is certainly there if we take advantage of it. Just a thought.

And if bones do become boss again...wouldn't it be great if we were already on the bandwagon!

Contact me now for a live demo.

Scott C. Miller
Rhythm Bones


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