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Examine the Facts
  Now I can't guarantee that laying in a rhythm bones accompaniment to your music will break the record charts. In fact, I don't know if your music style and tempo will work with bones at all. But I can tell you this much: Rhythm bones lend an edge to a tune that no other popular recording artist can match.

And that's a fact.

After all, it's also a fact that rhythm bones have enchanted us since the dawn of civilization—and throughout all of recorded history. And they still do.

And the fact remains that 'Mr. Bones' was wildly popular in the minstrel shows that toured North America, England, and Australia. Producers got wealthy. Leading players acheived stardom. Maybe you will too.

But do you know what's most important? It's the fact that people love the sound and sight of bones playing.
Folks are charmed by rhythm bones no matter where they come from, or how much money they earn, or whether they're red, blue, orange, or green. And if history is any teacher, then rhythm bones can make crowds flock to your show too.

Now, if you are a studio recording artist, I want you to pay special close attention to these two very crucial facts:
   Fact 1. Virtuouso bones players are scarcer than hen's teeth.
   Fact 2. They are a dying breed.

What that means is this:
If you add my bones playing to your mix, then no other band can duplicate the extraordinary percussive feel of your tune now, or in the future. Your tune is safe for posterity because no matter how hard someone tries, they will find it virtually impossible to locate another bones player who can capture the same rhythmic nuances of your original recording. So yes, you can sleep better knowing your tune will be prized by future generations of admiring fans who instantly recognize your rendition as the one and only true original.

Quick fact: If you've read this far, then you are a serious entertainment professional. And you're well on your way to producing the next smash hit. Rhythm bones may very well be the ticket.

So how do you break through the clutter and stand apart from all that competition? Last fact:
When you match rhythm bones with the right tune, the right tempo, and the right musicians, the results are absolutely awesome. I think you will agree this is reason enough to try the haunting rattle of rhythm bones at your next gig, show, or recording session—at least once. But don't believe me. Let the facts speak for themself.

Contact me now for a live demo.

Scott C. Miller
Rhythm Bones


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