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Make a Perfect Match
Who needs rhythm bones?
  As a solo instrument bones are boring. But when you match rhythm bones with the right tune, tempo, and musicians, the results are absolutely awesome.

In a nutshell, people savor the 'clickety-clack' of bones in a tune. I don't know why, maybe it puts them in touch with their primordial roots. But whatever the reason, folks simply love the sound. Here's how to get the most out of rhythm bones:

Traditional Music Bands
Delight your fans with the haunting rattle of rhythm bones. Now you can tap into the energy of an award-winning player who gives a wonderful 'lift' to tunes ranging from early blues, classic jazz, ancient and contemporary world music, or virtually any old-time musical tradition. Make no doubt about it, 'them bones' wield the power to enchant your audience and hold them spellbound with the ancestral sound they all savor and love.

Pop, Rock, and Rap Groups
Get your act together with some new cool-driving grooves that set you apart from the pack. You can get down and funky with rhythm bones because...after all, they've endured a long, dark, and checkered reputation. Just like you.

Recording Artists
Create intriguing new tracks with mesmerizing shades of tone your fans are unable to resist. Rhythm bones create innovative and spontaneous accents you simply cannot get from a drum machine.

Sound Studios
Cut unique backup tracks that
really shake, rattle & roll.

Film Makers
Capture authentic vintage bones-playing footage for historic movies and documentaries going from yesterday, all the way back to the stone age.

Club Owners
Attract enthusiastic crowds who crave a taste for something jaunty and new.

Music Show, Festival, TV, and Theatre Directors
Feature a 'bone-a-fide' world-class performer who plays a simple ancient instrument that captivates and intrigues children from six to ninety-six.

Contact me now for a live demo.

Scott C. Miller
Rhythm Bones


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