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Now Available for Jams and Gigs

Attention Traditional Music Bands; Pop, Rock, and Rap Groups; Recording Artists; Sound Studios; Film Makers; Club Owners; Music Show, Festival, TV, & Theatre Directors:
How To Draw Crowds of Devoted Fans with the Magical Sound of Rhythm Bones

Stick with a Proven Winner
In the right hands, the haunting rattle of rhythm bones enchants everyone who hears it.

This little do-it-yourself folk instrument has charmed and fascinated us since before the dawn of civilization—and throughout all of recorded history. That's a long-running show.
The story of a winner…

Get Boss with Bones
After 5,000 years, we still love rhythm bones.

And it's no secret that people got rich 150 years ago producing shows featuring 'Mr. Bones' rattling away to hot toe-tapping music. But (sigh)...it's been a long century-and-a-half since bones were boss.

Rumor has it that bones are ripe for a new reprise.
Go get boss…

Do it Your Way
Rhythm bones go great with traditional, classical, and pop music. So what's your style?
How do you do it…

Make a Perfect Match
When you match rhythm bones with the right tune, tempo, and musicians, the results are absolutely awesome. How do you fit in?
Meet your match…

Examine the Facts
Rhythm bones give the edge you need to break through the clutter and stand apart from the competition.

Work with a Champ
When you're ready to put the magical sound of rhythm bones to the test, you'll want the very best, most captivating performance possible.
Go get working…

Contact me now for a live demo.

Scott C. Miller
Rhythm Bones

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